For over 20 years, iTrace heat trace controllers have been a proven source for heat trace control and monitoring. When we build an iTrace heat trace controller, we custom build each one individually so they match the specifications that are required for each project.  There are a variety of available circuit options to choose from that include ten to forty circuits to provide critical freeze protection and maintain elevated process temperatures.  No matter which controller you choose we provide technical assistance for initial set up and follow up service.

We provide NEMA 4 and NEMA 4X enclosures and also provide a controller designed with purge kits for classified areas that are Class 1 Div 1. 

In addition to completely new control panel installations we can also provide custom retrofit heat trace controller options.  As a panel builder with many years of experience, we have the ability to design retrofit controllers using your existing controller enclosure.  If your current enclosure is in good condition, you may save a considerable expense by choosing this retrofit option in updating your heat trace controller.

Industries that are using our controllers include but are not limited to power plants, biodiesel plants, ethanol plants, chemical plants, refineries and processing facilities.  Our customer list also includes many other type facilities that need to keep piping from freezing or at elevated temperatures.

Here is a small sample of companies in our surrounding area that have our iTrace Heat Trace Controllers at their locations


If your project requires other controller options, our parent company A.W. Schultz can offer Nelson™ controllers in addition to single line and dual line freeze protection thermostats from Environmental Technology, Inc.  They can also provide design and engineering for your complete heat trace project and can supply heat trace cable and accessory items offered by Nelson™ Heat Trace.