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Intelligent Controllers

Our standard 10, 20, 30 or 40 circuit iTrace heat trace controllers are designed with advanced features to optimize performance and efficiency for your electrical heat trace system.

  • Staggered Start: Enables controlled power-up sequences for smoother start-ups and to effectively manage inrush current.
  • NEC-Required Ground Fault Circuits: Integrating protection and eliminating the need for expensive specialty breakers.
  • Integrated Main and Distribution Breakers: Includes lock out/tag out assembly and connects to plant control system via Modbus or Allen-Bradley EtherNet/IP.
  • Individual Channel Settings: Temperature setpoint with low temperature, high temperature, low current, ground fault alarm setpoints, manual on/off and disable.

In addition, we provide replacement retrofit sub panels to replace your existing subpanel without the need to replace your existing enclosure and existing wiring.

All features in your panel or retrofit are customized to your project's needs. They are tailored to enhance the reliability and functionality of your heat trace systems, ensuring precise control and energy efficiency.

Features of Itrace

Our heat trace controllers include essential features that offer critical information in monitoring your heat trace.


Continuous Monitoring

Monitors the electrical current usage as well as temperature and can alarm you when your heat trace is not working.

Daily Testing

Your circuits will be tested on a daily basis and will notify you if faults are detected to initiate preventive maintenance.

Outside Display

Viewing and adjusting of temperature, current set point information, alarm messages and system status information are all visible on the outside of the panel door.

Power. Connect.

iTrace Heat Trace Control Panels offer choices for the number of circuits you require.


CP-10 Heat Trace Controller

10 circuit heat trace controller.

Click below for specs and performance specifications.


CP-20 Heat Trace Controller

20 circuit heat trace controller.

Click below for specs and performance specifications.


CP-30 Heat Trace Controller

30 circuit heat trace controller.

Click below for specs and performance specifications.


CP-40 Heat Trace Controller

40 circuit heat trace controller.

Click below for specs and performance specifications.

CM2 Replacement *

The CM2 Replacement for Nelson CM2 is an economical way to upgrade your existing heat trace controller. With the retirement of Nelson CM2, the parts for these units are no longer available. iTrace can provide a custom subpanel leaving your existing enclosure, conduit and wiring in place. We can also provide a retrofit kit to replace your current CM2 display located on the enclosure door. Let us help you upgrade your old Nelson CM2 with a new CM2 Replacement.

*Note retrofit controllers are available for additional manufacturers.


Panel Communication

View your heat trace system easily by accessing essential information directly on your laptop. This access allows you to check your system and keep an eye out for potential areas that may require preventive maintenance.


The Connection

iTrace heat trace controllers can include the capability of communicating easily through a laptop so you can manage and view your settings throughout your entire trace system.

Our panels can communicate with your centralized control system via Modbus or Allen-Bradley EtherNet/IP.

Enjoy the benefits of viewing a full range of information about the current condition of your heat trace system and avoid any lost product or production resulting from an unanticipated heat trace failure.

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As a division of A.W. Schultz, Inc., we are proud to be a part of a company with proven experience with custom built PLC and SCADA control panels in waste water and many process facilities throughout the United States and Canada. Below is a small sample of our iTrace heat trace control panel customers.


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